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patrimonio e intercultura

This section, updated on a quarterly basis, describes intercultural education projects and activities carried out in Italian museums and heritage sites in partnership with schools, adult learning agencies, libraries and archives, local authorities, community organisations, research institutes, cultural mediators, contemporary artists.

In illustrating these case studies and in attempting to highlight the lessons to be learned, our intention is to identify “good practices” (with a particular attention to methodological tools and standards) as well as to provide as wide-ranging an overview as possible of how Italian museums are facing the challenge of developing new models of accessibility, cultural inclusion and intercultural communication.


"Animals in heaven and earth": discovering African myths and legends
"Choose the Piece". The ‘city museum’ as a place for intercultural dialogue
"City Telling" (Bologna)
"MAP for ID - Museums as Places for Intercultural Dialogue"
"Plural Stories". The Guatelli Museum, objects and life histories


"At the museum with"
"DIAMOND - The museums as a space for dialogue and collaborative meaning-making"
"Know how. Intercultural education and communication at the museum"
"My Iran"
"The Museum as a space for dialogue and socio-cultural inclusion"
"[S]oggetti migranti - Migrant subjects/objects"


"A Brera anch’io". The museum as a vehicle of intercultural dialogue
"Action! Tell me a story about MAB"
"Art, Heritage and Human Rights" Award
"Brera: another story". Intercultural trails in the museum
"Cultural Heritage and Integration" Programme
"Guests of Honour"
"My Place / My Text"
"Riprendi-ti al MUDEC"
"Scenes of festivity". Archaeology as a bridge between cultures
"TAM TAM - Tutti Al Museo" 2011 ("The Museum for All")
"TAM TAM – Tutti Al Museo" 2012 ("The Museum for All")
"Three Milanese travelling East" workshop and educational kit
"Twelve storytellers in search of an author"
Training course for mediators “Heritage education in an intercultural perspective”
Training course for Museum Mediators
Video "The museum is not in one place only"
YEAD - Young European (Cultural) Audience Development - Year 1: Universal access to culture
YEAD - Young European (Cultural) Audience Development – Year 2: Cultural Influence(s)
YEAD - Young European (Cultural) Audience Development – Year 3: Migrant audiences: Ex/Inclusion


"A heritage for all". Towards an inclusive mediation of cultural heritage and civic memory
"A Vision of my Own"
"City Telling" (Turin)
"Culture Mixture"
"Every person has a face: building a community open to diversity"
"Intersections: ancient heritages, new citizens"
"Map for Turin"
"Objects, fragments of culture"
"On the flying carpet"
"Portrait between identity and representation"
"The art of making difference"
"There's a garden in every story"
"Tongue to tongue". A collaborative exhibition
"Whispering Shells: Echoes of Peoples, Cultures, Art"
"Windwörtern – Windwords"
Training course for Mediators of Intercultural Heritages


Factories of Stories. Storytelling at the Uffizi Galleries


"In someone else's shoes"



“Factories of Stories” (Uffizi Galleries, Florence)

On-line resources
"Factories of Stories" audio-trail (Uffizi Gallerie, Florence)


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