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The English version of Heritage and Interculture comprises the following sections:

Projects: projects and activities carried out in Italian museums and heritage sites in partnership with schools, adult learning agencies, libraries and archives, local authorities, community organisations, research institutes, cultural mediators, contemporary artists

Newsletter: a space devoted to upcoming events (conferences and seminars, exhibitions, training courses, awards etc.) in the field of intercultural heritage education in Italy and abroad

Contacts: the editorial team of Heritage and Interculture

For those interested in exploring the other sections of Heritage and Interculture in Italian, here is a brief description of the site structure:

Strumenti (Tools)
This section aims at providing professionals from different institutional contexts with tools for developing their theory and practice:

  • Bibliography (an indicative selection of publications on subjects ranging from heritage policies in multicultural societies to cross-sectoral partnerships and intercultural mediation, with a prevailing focus on Italian literature)
  • New publications
  • Documentation (policy documents, declarations, conventions and recommendations, charters, ministerial guidelines, regional laws…)
  • BA, MA and PhD Dissertations
  • On-line resources
  • A “project form” intended to provide operators not only with a structure for describing their work and carrying out self-evaluation, but also with a useful “check-list” while in the process of developing the project

Approfondimenti e testimonianze (Topics in focus)
In this section we invite experts, practitioners and participants in intercultural education projects to share their experience and exchange their views on topics of particular interest

Formazione (Training)
This section provides an overview of training opportunities in intercultural heritage education promoted by Italian universities, museums and other cultural institutions, educational and territorial agencies

A section devoted to the audiovisual documentation produced in the framework of intercultural education projects in Italian museums


Online resources
“Heritage of stories” website

“Our time through the Seven Heavenly Palaces: the perspective of storyteller Li Chenxi” (workshop run by Fondazione Ismu and hosted in HangarBicocca, Milan)


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