Heritage and Interculture is an on-line resource created by Fondazione ISMU (Initiatives and Studies on Multiethnicity) with a view to supporting all those professionals who are engaged not only in the promotion of immigrants’ cultural participation, but also and above all in the development of diverse and inclusive “heritage communities”.

Through the dissemination of good practices, resources and tools, the website aims at providing as wide/interdisciplinary a community of practice as possible (e.g. museum, library and archive professionals, educators, anthropologists, mediators, artists investigating the relationship between past and contemporary, tangible and intangible cultural heritage) with opportunities for mutual learning, debate and exchange.

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Guide to the Italian version of this website

What follows is a brief description of the website’s sections and subsections which are not available in English:

This section includes videos produced in the framework of intercultural projects, both as part of documentation and as a creative output (in the latter case, often with the active engagement of project participants).

Please note that some videos are subtitled in English, while a few are in the mother tongue of museum mediators with an immigrant background or young project participants (e.g. Albanian, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian…).

This section aims at providing professionals from different institutional contexts with tools for developing both their methodological approach and practice:

  • Bibliografia e risorse in rete: bibliography and on-line resources, including some international publications and websites
  • Novità editoriali: new releases of Italian publications on intercultural education in heritage and museum contexts
  • Approfondimenti e testimonianze: experts, practitioners and participants in intercultural education projects are invited to share their experience and exchange their views on topics of particular interest
  • Tesi: BA, MA and PhD Dissertations
  • Scheda per la documentazione dei progetti: a “project form” intended to provide operators not only with a structure for describing their work and carrying out self-evaluation, but also with a useful “check-list” while in the process of developing the project

This section provides an overview of training opportunities in intercultural heritage education promoted by Italian museums and other cultural institutions, universities, educational and territorial agencies.