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Heritage and Interculture is an on-line resource entirely devoted to heritage education in an intercultural perspective.

The website is an integral part of a long-term programme launched by Fondazione ISMU (Initiatives and Studies on Multiethnicity) with the following goals:

to investigate in which ways and on which terms heritage institutions, which have traditionally been used to exclude those who “don’t belong”, can realistically become a resource in promoting understanding, exchange and mutual respect between individuals and groups with different cultural backgrounds
to promote a greater appreciation of “intercultural heritage education” as a strategic component of lifelong learning and active citizenship
to explore innovative methodologies and tools for the planning and evaluation of intercultural heritage education activities jointly developed by partners working in different institutional/professional contexts (museums, libraries and archives, schools and adult learning agencies, universities and research centres, local authorities, community organisations, cultural mediators, contemporary artists…)
to disseminate good practices in Italian museums and heritage institutions
to involve as wide a professional community as possible by providing opportunities for debate and exchange

At the heart of our work is a dynamic, dialogical notion of “heritage” as a set of cultural objects (both material and immaterial) that should not only be preserved and transmitted, but also re-negotiated, re-constructed in their meanings, made available for all to share in a common space of social interaction.



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